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Lakewood, WA Apartments for Rent-Condo Rentals


If you have apartments for rent in this city, ApartmentsandCondos.com can help you get prospective renters in front of your info exactly when they are looking for it. We offer a great web address that tells people exactly what you have, and what you offer.
We utilize the Internet more effectively using social media including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We can help your business benefit from these social networks.  Most business owners just don't have the time or the resources to manage them effectively.

Our portal website RentItFromUs.com is the 1st step to get help renting your property. Go there to give us all your information. You can build your own website in a matter of minutes. Create your account with your own login and password. Your information can be changed quickly and easily.  

We also have a corresponding Facebook page that we utilize. If you have a FB page, go to  www.facebook.com/OurRentalSites and Like our page. Not only do we post information, but it gives us the opportunity to share your posts and give your property more exposure.

Another channel where we help apartment owners get their info in front of prospective renters. We post your information on our blog at ZebraPower.com

The posts from our blog and our Facebook page are automatically posted to our Twitter account @RentItFromUs.com. Then we manually distribute the tweet to one of over 200 local Twitter accounts we have that is local to your area, from @AtlantaAreaNews and @ChicagoAreaNews, to @DetroitAreaNews, and @LACountyTweets.*

And last but not least, we list your property info on the city page of this site, ApartmentsAndCondos.com.

*If you notice on the right hand side of this page, you may see an embedded Twitter feed. If there is one, that's the Twitter account for this area.



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